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Embed Sentry issues in your GitBook documentation.



Sentry helps developers and organizations see what actually matters, solve errors and performance issues quicker, and learn continuously about their application health - from the frontend to the backend.

This integration lets you embed Sentry issues into your GitBook documentation. It allows your reader to get a preview of the issues right from your documentation pages.

How it works

Embedding Sentry in your documentation is simple - just paste a Sentry issue link (e.g into the GitBook editor. The app will turn the link into an embed that show details of the Sentry issue like the title, status & culprit of issue etc.


You can install Sentry on a single space by clicking on the Integrations button or on multiple or all spaces by going into your organization settings.

To complete the installation you will need to provide a API Auth Token. To generate an auth token follow the instructions here. Choose event:read scope and copy-paste the new generated token in the respective configuraiton in GitBook.

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